• First, there will be an in-depth explanation of type theory as originally advanced by Isabel Myers-Briggs as well as it's
    complimentary theory on  temperament by David Keirsey...both of which are thoroughly backed by nearly 70 years of
    research. This 'laying the foundation' session will take approximately two hours.      

  • next, we will immediately turn the seminar into a highly specific focus on you. There will be an in-depth exploration of your
    personality via the use of the MBTI® Step II Profile. Again be sure to have your results with you.

  • keeping in mind that all MBTI® personality inventories automatically assume mental health - this MBTI® Step II
    Profile (with its 144 questions), does not look for anything to the contrary. Indeed, this "deeper drilling" version of the
    MBTI® gives a very personalized narrative and graphic report that will give you amazing insights about yourself...
    insights that you can immediately apply to your everyday life. As opposed to some generic description about humans
    in general...(you know...the "you can do it!" and the "get yourself motivated!" breezy advice many workshops give
    you)...the MBTI® Step II Profile is an extremely precise description of you. Again, you'll be amazed.

  • please note that it is not necessary to have taken the MBTI® Step I before you take Step II. What is necessary,
    however, is that you must be a high school senior or 18 years old in order to take the Step II.

  • thirdly (and for the remainder of the day) we will focus on a detailed explanation of the Strong Interest Inventory Profile® for
    career exploration...and as importantly...a fusion of the MBTI® and the Strong documents. To repeat, each of these
    documents will be highly specific descriptors of you, as a unique individual.

  • unparalleled in reliability and validity, the Strong Interest Inventory® is widely considered to be the gold standard in
    career development. It is easily the world’s most respected and frequently used career planning tools. Whether you're
    a high school senior - a college student - or a person in transition,  the Strong promises to be an immense help in
    making fulfilling career choices. In particular, it also generates a list (based on immense research) of the top 10
    occupations you are most likely to find rewarding.

  • in addition: on seminar day, you will be given, at no extra charge, two more documents...making this a total of four
documents in all...on a personalized labeled CD. These two latest documents are generic narratives that describe your
four letter MBTI type regarding your:

  • overall personality description           


  • work style

As opposed to the first two highly individualized documents mentioned at the top of this page, these over-all personality
description and work style narratives will be the same for all those with your particular four letter MBTI type. However, in
an effort to personalize them a bit, your name will be prominently featured on the header of each page. A note: even
though these last two narratives are generic descriptions of all those who share your four letters in personality description,
you will be amazed at their accuracy.
The food that will be served during the seminar day will be as follows:

  • continental breakfast including fresh fruits and hot breakfast sandwiches

  • mid-morning snack

  • lunch (90 minutes) - on your own...plenty of eateries nearby

  • mid-afternoon snack

  • continuous beverages served throughout the day
Come join us at our Saturday May 08th seminar !   8:00 to 5:00
become who you are.net
279 Avon Mountain Road (Routes 44 & 10) - Avon, Connecticut 06001
  • Up to May 03 (five days before the seminar itself), attendees will have already taken online - and received their results online in the
    form of a PDF file. The results of the 144 question MBTI® Step II Profile  and the 290 question Strong Interest Inventory
    Profile® will provide you with  so much accurate information describing the unique individual that you are...quite frankly
    you'll be amazed. Click on the links below for samples. FYI, the MBTI is currently being used by 89 of the Fortune 100
    companies and the Strong Interest Inventory is presently being used by over 70% of North American colleges and

  • No worries, while taking these assessments, you can stop as often as you wish and log back on to resume the test for as
    many times as it takes. To say again, there will be no actual taking of these tests on seminar day.

  • Providing it's normal business hours, your results will be sent to the e-mail address you provide within a maximum of 12
    hours after completing the MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory®. However, we're telling the story a bit out of order.
    When you first sign-up for the seminar, you will be sent a hyperlink, along with a username and password so that you can
    start taking these online inventories straight away. Re-stated, you will already own these documents prior to coming to
    the seminar. Of course, you must bring your results with you - as now it will be time to 'unpack' them and talk about and
    you in great detail.       

seminar price
and for an added $29.00...on seminar day itself...we will give you two more items on a personalized labeled CD:
May 08, 2010
8:00 to 5:00
For general directions to the Avon Old Farms Hotel - see map
                                                                            two important informational notes:

  • To avoid confusion with the directions on how to get to the seminar, please note that the Avon Old Farms Hotel (where our seminar is being
    held) should not be confused with a fine establishment directly across the street (opposite corner) with an almost identical name.

  • In addition, both becomewhoyouare.net and the Avon Old Farms Hotel respectfully request that you do not call the hotel to make inquiries
    about the seminar itself. The Avon Old Farms Hotel is the venue. That is, they are the ones who the rent the meeting space, and who cater the
    (great) food for the event - and as such, have no working knowledge of the seminar per se'.
Tired of those "You can do it!" and "Get yourself motivated!" workshops where they never actually talk about you? And their main interest is selling you their books and CDs?
personality and careers combined
On seminar day itself, our time together will be broken down as follows:

  • your relationship style. In what has turned out to become an unsung hit of our seminars, we will also produce for you, the
    same type of generic narrative describing your (four letter MBTI type's) relationship style...with your name on each page.

                                                                                as well as...

  • your learning style. Everyone learns differently, which of course, is a reflection of their individuality. So whether you're a
    high school senior setting out on a path of higher learning, or a parent, trying to 'figure out' why you and your child clash
    over this topic, this amazingly eye-opening narrative document is worth it's weight in gold. In fact, we are getting gentle
    upward pressure from parents to have seminars dedicated exclusively to this one topic. While admittedly, this is a generic
    narrative which reads the same for all those who share your particular four letter MBTI type, this narrative is far more
    specific than the standard yada-yada of 'visual learners' or tactile-kinesthetic learners', etc., conversation. To say again,
    your name will be on each page and we predict you'll be quite impressed with this document.

  • please note, however, this decision (spending an extra $29) must be made at the time that you originally sign-up for this
    seminar - as we need lead time to enable us to prepare these narratives and have them ready for you on seminar day.     

  • finally, we here at becomewhoyouare.net , as you might expect, are positively biased about our upcoming seminar. All-in-all,
    when it comes to value given for what is paid, we honestly do not see any other seminar that is our equivalent. Please
    come join us!
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